Humanitas Documentaries

TV Documentaries produced by tve

Bitter Harvest (25 minutes)
The story of continuing desertification in developed and developing countries.

Perishing Forests (1 hour 25 minutes)
The problem of deforestation, its consequences and impact on human-beings.

Street Children (1 hour 25 minutes)      
A global view of the problem of abandoned and alienated children both in the rich and poor countries of the world: how they survive and what can be done to help them.

Indigenous People (45 minutes)
Relating to the problems faced by some 200 million indigenous peoples, particularly in Asia and Latin America – ethnocide perpetrated against them and the flagrant discrimination by dominant societies of which they continue to be victims.


Disappeared Persons (25 minutes)
The story of kidnapping, torture and murder carried out on behalf of governments. The practice of “disappearances” is not limited just to Latin American countries but is spread around the world: 40 countries are known to have had recourse to it, according to the UN.

Refugees (20 minutes)
A global view of the problem of forced displacement and uprootedness. The film deals with the increasingly serious problem of some 15 million refugees, affecting all parts of the world,  20 minutes

Armed Conflicts (30 minutes)
Few people realize that, since World War II, 20 million people have died in local wars. More than thirty armed conflicts are raging around the world right now. This documentary deals with the continuing problem of armed conflicts and the violation of humanitarian norms.

Disasters and Disaster Management (35 minutes)
Despite modern technological progress, the number of disasters and the victims they claim has been increasing during recent years. Why? And what can be done about it? The documentary also deals with relatively new man-made catastrophes, e.g. industrial and nuclear accidents.