IBHI Publications


Commentary on draft declaration: Basic tenets of humanitarian action in emergency situations to be presented to the United Nations General Assembly (1997)



External evaluation report on the Austrian Humanitarian Aid to Afghans (Austrian Relief Committee, ARC)

Joint evaluation of emergency assistance to Rwanda workshop 23 – 24 January (1995)


Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Annex 7 to the Dayton Agreement and Peace Accords signed in Paris: a brief commentary on terminology relating to the protection of refugees and displaced persons (1996)

Bosnia & Herzegovina after Dayton: cohesion v. division (1996)

Human Development Report Bosnia Herzegovina Youth (2000)

Transition of the policy and system of social protection in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina: preliminary study of problem and proposals for changes. Discussion paper



The scapegoats – victims of mass expulsions (1988)



Transformation strategy proposal for PHC:MARDAN (1993)